Is plan9 sufficiently unix to be on-topic here?

(I suppose it might not not really be a question of sufficiency; perhaps plan9 is too unix for this site?)


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plan9's design is hard-core UNIX philosophy, and I'd be happy to see a few questions here. I can't imagine we'll be overwhelmed.


Although Plan9 and Unix are connected both history-wise and technology-wise, I don't think it really rates as a unix system. Then again modern unices have acquired features inspired from Plan9 (UTF-8, /proc, FUSE, maybe even dbus, ...).

While I'm sympathetic to the wish to have a good place to discuss “alternative” operating systems, I don't want Unix.SE to be about all-but-Windows. This is primarily a political concern: I don't want to spread the idea that Windows is the normal operating system, and everything else is lumped together under as “alternative”, only-for-nerds, not-serious...

So if Plan9 is to be considered on topic (count me as mildly against), we need to draw a line somewhere (of course getting into the what's-a-unix debate). What about Hurd? Multics? ITS? QNX? VMS? CP/M? OS/2? Windows?

Well, as far as I know the only complete Hurd system available is Debian GNU/Hurd, so that probably fits a lot better than plan9. –  SamB Dec 19 '10 at 22:45
As for VMS, CP/M, and OS/2, I think they are much more closely related to the DOS/Windows/NT family (which I believe takes a lot from them, though OS/2 also takes stuff from DOS/early Windows and was developed in partnership with MS for a while). Anyway, that seems to be mostly off-topic, though things like Cygwin, Services for Unix, MSYS, and perhaps even DJGPP are on-topic. –  SamB Dec 19 '10 at 22:52
HURD is definitely unix, because it's supposed to run the GNU userland, HURD is just an alternative free kernel. VMS, not Unix. QNX sounds like a unix (I just glanced at wikipedia) that's not unix to me. didn't unix come from multics? –  xenoterracide Feb 28 '11 at 2:01

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